1969 Camaro - King Of ApocaLaps v1.1

So, it's about time we pulled our fingers out and started representing some of our local talent that head on down to ApocaLaps, and/or generally support the muscle / pro-touring scene down in our neck of the woods.

Whilst this may seem a little like self-promotion, I'll kick it off with the first example, none other than my own 1969 Camaro - more commonly known as "Angelina".

First built with Pro-touring in mind about 8-9 years back now (yes - it was still a fresh idea back then), there's always a few improvements that can be made, and whilst I'd like to think it's a project completed there is already a devil on my shoulders constantly drawing my attention to the new products out on todays market. Especially now when you can practically build up a US muscle classic from totally new components.

So, enough jibber jabber, here's a few pics n stats of what makes up this '69 Camaro

Make: Chevrolet


Model: 1969 Camaro

Engine: 489ci Big Block Chev

Trans: Fully Manualised T400

Diff: Detroit Speed Prepared QuadraLink 9"

Brakes: Wilwood 4P Dynalites all round


Front: Heidts Rod Shop

Rear : Detroit Speed Engineering

Wheels: KWC-017 18x8, 18x11

Tyres: Nitto NT-01 245/40/18, 315/30/18 (Although this is set to change in the near future)

Here's a couple of action shots from the last ApocaLaps event, v1.1


An obsessive passion, Angelina represents many years of blood, sweat & beers - not without hurdles, but a truly satisfying result


Stonechips on the front valance are worn proud like trophies, a true indication of build motive - to get out and enjoy this classic as often as possible.


Loving nothing more than being amongst like minded peers, there's a good chance you'll see her around events that support the US Muscle & Pro-Touring scene in WA.

So, here's the first of many auto-biographies (hopefully), and will bring more to the helm as they become available.

Want to see your own ride here, email apocalaps@gmail.com

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