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ApocaLaps v1.1 - 23rd Nov. 2014

A re-cap of our last event, ApocaLaps v1.1 (Perth, Western Australia) .. since I'm getting in the swing of this blogging business

From what started as a few muscle cars pushing the envelopes around a few witches hats, it is now growing into a known event that is show casing some high calibre muscle cars.

For the first time we introduced dual skid pan circuits, to allow for some entertaing heads-up action

It was great to watch the assorted muscle & classics work their paces in the warm up circuits.

And as this wasn't a timed segment we had the opportunity to entertain a few navigator/passengers, and include them in what is generally 40 - 50 seconds of trying to hang on .... it's amazing how many hands naturally seek out a jesus bar, that isn't there, usually demonstrating a few in-car windmills until they find solid purchase to support them for the rest of the lap.

And as we are aware, ambition vs traction can be a hard task to master at times ...

Behold the dual-circuit lap, known as "The Milk Run" ... ApocaLaps' first dedicated track design.

Whilst a development track for future events, it has set a baseline of how we can now manipulate our circuits in order to cater to different driving disciplines.

This track also became our first timing segment, utilising the Farmtek Laser timing system - whose accuracy was needed, especially given the closeness of the last competition, 0.69 seconds between 1st & 3rd, and only 0.03 between 1st & 2nd

These results also dictate who will be part of the event's trophies - known as "The Four Horsemen of the ApocaLaps" King, Duke & Prince being 1st to 3rd results, with an entertaining Jester award given to most spectacular, yet unplanned, spin/slide or similar.

Current reigning Four Horsemen as below;

King of ApocaLaps v1.1 - 1969 Camaro (J.Murphy)

Duke of ApocaLaps v1.1 - 2014 SRT Jeep (G.Hogan)

Prince of ApocaLaps v1.1 - 1969 Camaro (R.Heighway)

Jester of ApocaLaps v1.1 - 1969 Camaro (S.Jeffrey)

In what was a great day of entertainment, chatter for v2.0 had already begun before the traffic cones were packed away ... word is sticky tyres are on most shopping lists, along with a few suspension and steering upgrades ... not to mention a few show stopping Pro-Touring Camaros, and a known '70 Mach 1 getting a HP upgrade, all gunning to take down the King

The competiton has just got hotter - and the local scene is alive and well

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