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Crossed circuits

Hmm, okay .. so we've hit a small hurdle, in that the RAC DC (Perth) has stalled about our request to utilise their main circuit.

Essentially it revolves around the ability to prove driver (and car) capability prior to unleashing on the circuit - which is kinda valid, I guess.

I mean, no-one wants to see a beautiful 60's/70's muscle car tear around the circuit only to end up in the bottom paddock sideways because the brakes couldn't keep up (unless it's a Mustang - haha , just kidding)

So whilst AASA (Australian Auto-Sport Alliance), who issue our event permits/insurnace, are happy to sanction our requests according to associated event rates, we still need to work through the scenario with RAC DC, and see what options may be available.

There was talk of a kind of instructor led driver familiarisation on the circuit before any solo laps might occur, but it's still only talk - with updates to follow - but would also see this as a good opportunity for our guys to get a handle on greater circuit racing lines, apexes, braking points etc

... I know it'd definitely do me some good (Because there's some serious players coming along with no-holds barred attitudes in what can only be described as top echelon pro-touring muscle!!)

As a safety net we will also seek another circuit option, so we can compare apples with apples, plus it'd be good to be able to offer a variety of venues for our die-hard comrades for future events.

But as we are only a rather new concept, entering into our second year, we will just take things slow, and focus on quality before quantity - and once we can nail a top formula we'll see where we can move forward after that.

More to come in following weeks ...

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