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A new breed of tarmac battles has emerged - old school metal vs new school muscle - all battling it out to become one of the Four Horsemen of the ApocaLaps


The obsession with cars has always been there.


This healthy obsession grew into a taste for classic american muscle at an early stage, with the building of an America's favourite muscle car (biased view of the editor) and the want to share the experience with like minded peers.


A unique US-derived autocross event that removes iconic vehicles from the shared limelight of other events, and allows owners & competitors to pit their car's talents in a specialised category event.


Offering an opportunity for others to experience the entertaining rush of racing/spectating their favourite classic muscle cars being pushed to its performance limits around a short circuit track.


A symphony of rpm and tyre howl as competitors push the handling limits whilst attempting to shave prescious tenths off the clock.


With the top contendors taking home the coveted "Four Horsemen of the ApocaLaps" awards.


Close quarter battles like you haven't seen before.

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