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Motorvation 2015 - Greg Hogan’s “CRISIS” 1969 Camaro

Behold possibly the most amazing pro-touring build I've seen to date

Greg's "CRISIS" 1969 Camaro ticks just about every pro-touring box there is, but what you may overlook is the hidden boxes it also ticks!

Built with purpose to wreak havoc to competitors on whatever circuits stand in front of it, CRISIS has definitely been built to a Level 1 competition status.

Fully floating rear (with oil cooler, mind you), Full battery cutout switch & Fire Suppression system were just a few of those hidden items that I would never have picked until Greg unveiled a few finer details.

Absolute trick front carbon splitter feeds an airbox mounted just behind the front valance before heading up into that super sweet LS mill

.... I've also heard that you are checked for the appropriate weapons license before slipping in behind the wheel of this WMD (Weapon of mass destruction)

An absolute visual pleasure beholding this car in the flesh and definitely look forward to seeing the car unleashing in the upcoming ApocaLaps v2.0

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